Trevor Burton has been playing music for many, many years, in mid '60s in small-time local bands like 'Danny King & The Mayfair Set', then in 1966 Trevor and Ace Kefford formed 'The Move' inviting Roy Wood, Carl Wayne and Bev Bevan to join what was to become a million selling chart topping band.

When he left 'The Move' in 1969 Trevor stayed down south with his close friend Steve Winwood; Steve had just formed the band traffic. Trevor decided to chill for a while, but soon got the urge to play live again, this always being his first love. He got in touch with Steve Gibbons with the view to forming a new band and together with Denny Laine, formerly of the Moody Blues and Allen White from The Plastic Ono Band the band called Balls came about. After splitting with Balls in 1971, Trevor spent the next few years as one of the top session musicians with Island Records.

At the request of Raymond Froggatt, Trevor returned to his hometown of Birmingham where he worked with Ray until 1976. Trevor then teamed up again with close friend Steve Gibbons to enjoy chart success having top 10 hits with the Steve Gibbons Band. For the next 7 years he toured the world with Steve's band until 1983 when he left to form his own band. Even though he was now happy playing his own unique style of blues he was still in great demand elsewhere. He was asked to join Robert Plant as one of the Journeymen Musicians; he toured the UK and Europe with The Big Town Playboys; he performed with Noel Redding a friend from the sixties and also spent nine months on the road with Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

With The Trevor Burton Band settling down again Trevor asked Maz (Marjusz Matrenko) to join the band in 1993. Between them there developed an amazing musical telepathy which was to last some 12 years. In the late 1990's former ELO keyboard player Richard Tandy spent some time with the band. Significant changes came about as the old millennium departed and the new one began. In November 1999 Bill Jefferson took over the drum kit and in February 2000 Eddy Moohan joined on bass following the demise of local band ‘4 On The Floor’. With Maz, Bill and Eddie, Trevor had a line-up which would play some great music for the next 4 years.

Trevor and Bev Bevan decided to finally get back together as 'The Move' in August 2007. This is something which had been talked about on many occasions, normally at the instigation of Carl Wayne, but since Carl's death the project had been put on ice. That was until Trevor and Bev started working together on a touring show called Brum Rocks Live.